Sharing is a good thing


Whether you need to share information with the person in the next cubical or in another state, networks help your organization communicate more effectively. They help you save time by eliminating the "sneaker net". A network paves the way for an efficient and comprehensive backup solution. You can better utilize peripherals like printers and share an Internet connection. They allow for an electronic workflow so you can track billable time, job status information and share a database.

We set up networks of all sizes and types, from the basement home office to corporate, integrating hardware and software. We support Macs, PCs and cross platform environments. We help corporate Mac users communicate with the larger PC based company workflow. We run wire and connect via wireless, set up Virtual Private Networks, Intranets, Extranets, and remote access solutions. We specify, install, configure and test.

And since we're a computer company before we're a cabling company, you won't hear, " We just install the cable, better check with the computer guy " or " The computers are fine, better call your cable guy ". One call, we do it all.


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