Why you need Vector


"The best way we can save you money is to get you the right tools for the job. Our goal is to provide systems that give a competitive advantage and work - not make work."
Alex Couto, President

Rely on our experience and expertise. After delivering thousands of systems if we haven't seen it all, we have sure seen most of it. Let us guide you through what works and what doesn't. You'll benefit from the knowledge we've gained working with others.

There are no cookie cutter solutions. Each customer's requirements are different. So before any equipment is purchased, we'll sit with you and find out exactly what you need to achieve and what you think you may need to achieve in the foreseeable future. We'll propose a cost effective solution; one that delivers the right combination of price, performance and upgradability.

We don't deliver sealed boxes. Before installation we thoroughly test all new equipment and configure and troubleshoot all new application software, intercepting potential problems and conflicts before they wreak havoc with your production schedule. In some cases we may even ask you to drop by our office to put a new system through your own test just to make sure everything is working the way you need it to.

We install and integrate your new equipment with your existing peripherals, do any necessary data transfers and again troubleshoot for potential problems. When your new system is in place you can get right to work.

Expert Training. Our application specialists are professionals in their respective fields. No crowded classes and wasting time working at someone else's pace. Our training is done on site with your hardware and your projects so you get the customized attention you need.

After the sale support is what keeps you coming back to us. Don't waste your valuable time experimenting with system software or waiting on phone queues for tech support. Our phone support and on site tech services are the key to our business.

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