Vector's Portfolio

In our Web Development portfolio you will see examples of our graphic design, web programming and script writing. You will also see samples of delivered sites containing online databases providing product information to the specific companyís prospective customers. Web based stores where online purchasing and E-Commerce takes place is also demonstrated.

Any time there is information that needs to be managed, massaged, merged, sorted, analyzed or calculated there needs to be a database or a custom application. The extent of the kinds of applications that a database can be applied to is limitless. In our Custom Software / Database Applications portfolio you will see examples of Customized Workflow Systems, Subscription Management for periodicals, Inventory Management, Complex Distribution Tracking Systems, Database Publishing to print and CD, Specialized Invoicing, Media Asset Management, Customer Rebate Control, Cost Tracking Systems and more.

Why custom?

While there are applications ready made for nearly every business need, the economics of mass marketing require that virtually every feature and possible scenario be combined into a single program. The result is often cluttered and confusing. The learning curves steep and the combined costs of software, training and downtime high. Whatís worse, even with all the contained features, the feature that you need never seems to be just right.

So what is it that you need? Letís talk about it. We will design, build, deploy, and support an easy to use, custom application to the specific requirements of your business. Often for significantly less than a ready made solution - if there is one.

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