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Web development is a complex business that requires experience, knowledge and resources in various fields. As a full-service e-business development company, Vector Applied Technologies  has everything you may need to develop, host and operate your company's website at a very competitive price.

We are especially proud of our experienced team of developers who use the most advanced and innovative techniques bringing additional savings to our customers. For them no job is too challenging or too big. Your company will end-up having optimum solution fully reflecting its needs and capabilities.

Our complete web development package includes: Website planning, Graphic design, Online catalog creation, Digital imaging (image scanning, manipulation, digital photography), Flash presentations, animations and banners, Application development and custom programming, Web site script writing.

The ability to sell your company's products/services over the Internet is what electronic commerce or e-commerce is all about. This new type of 24x7x365 digital buying, selling, auctioning and promoting has become normal routine for many businesses around the globe and it will continue to grow at accelerating rate in the years to come.

Web-based commerce is transforming nearly every industry, changing dramatically how companies interact with customers, suppliers and partners. It does not matter how big or small your business is. E-commerce can help your company to compete effectively in today's diversified marketplace. Vector Applied Technologies develops functional, reliable, secure and complete e-commerce solutions to help your company to build its business from the ground up at a very moderate cost.

As e-commerce expands from simple catalog-on-the web implementations to Business-to-Business (B2B) relationship via e-marketplaces, more and more businesses are trying to adopt it as a means of becoming more efficient and productive.

From start to finish, Vector Applied Technologies brings the power of e-business to your company - so your business is accessible to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Vector Applied Technologies specializes in online financial payment, billing services,electronic procurement, supply chain management, online inventory management, accounting reporting and analysis, Web/ EDI systems

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